Appendix D: Gino Ullian: Letter from Anthony S. Ullian – 1999



“John Ullian and Linda Ferraro:  Roots and Legacy   March 2018”




[Letter is not dated, but based on Romey’s death on 24 Nov 1998, and Gino’s statement that “Romey died this past January” we believe that this was sent in 1999]




This is a letter I received from our first cousin Tony Ullian who lives in Oregon. His address is as follows;

A. S. Ullian

2883 Williams Hwy.

Grants Pass, Oregon 97527


He goes by Tony instead of Anthony. His wife's name is Alma. They made saddles for a

lot of Hollywood stars.


His brother Romy died this past January. Hope all is well at your house.


Love, Gino & Clara.






Valentino Ulian’s [Romano Valentino Ullian] Italian Army Discharge Certificate


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