Appendix J: Livia Ullian French DNA Test Results


If you were to ask Livia Ullian French what nationality she was, she would respond: “100% Italian.”  Of course, with her both parents immigrating from Italy and all of her grandparents being from Italy, you would think that she was correct.

But in this day and age, we now know that it is easy to get a DNA report from many genealogy websites to get an exact ethnicity of your ancestors.  Given the historical migration routes, it can be concluded that most people are not 100% any nationality.

These are the results of Livia Ullian French’s DNA report that she received in 2017.



Breakdown of Results:

            Europe-West                           36%

            Europe-South                          54%

            Scandinavia                             7%

            Iberian Peninsula                     1%

            Great Britian                           <1%

            Ireland/Scotland/Wales           <1%


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